Friday, 2 January 2015

The Supernatural Enhancements by Edgar Cantero

Monday 29th December

I inherited a strange book.
This is not a chance encounter.
Perhaps I will need a guardian? Someone to watch me while I read it.....

Tuesday 30th December

Been to the local GP about my bloodshot eyes.
She suggests that I shouldn't read so late or watch quite so many X-Files boxsets. They are now playing on my nerves...

Weds 31st December

I have arranged to meet with other readers/enthusiasts of the 'Order of the Supernatural Enhancements'.

Perhaps they can decode its meaning? It's a bloody mystery to me!

Thurs 1st January

Woken up in a hospital bed. It got messy last night.
My thoughts are a labyrinth. 
All my best crystal got smashed. Might explain the blood loss...

I think I definitely need someone to watch over me! Who knew a book could cause this much carnage.

EDGAR CANTERO: making a comic-strip read like a novel, with verve!

I'm neving as I think about it.  

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